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Ten fun facts from Larry King's interview with Trey Songz on 'Larry King Now'

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Why Larry King is no longer on CNN is still a mystery. He's one of the best interviewers for both news and entertainment, no matter the genre, gender, age or aspiration. So it was not particularly surprising when Larry King continued to highlight his specialty with the online talk show on ORA called "Larry King Now."

Check out 10 fun facts from his interview with R&B singer Trey Songz on Juneteenth, whose CD "Trigga" just released to the public on Tues., July 1. Click here to see the full interview.

1. Trey Songz really gets a kick out of hearing Larry King say "trigga."

2. His biological father painted a portrait of his mother during her senior year of high school.

3. He elaborates on why he felt the need to publicly support President Barack H. Obama.

4. He has never come close to being married, but he is awfully concerned about his fanbase's views on his relationships.

5. He hopes his single mother will find a happy relationship.

6. Trey Songz's brother Forrest is spending the summer with him before going back to college.

7. Trey Songz thinks his brother, Forrest, looks better than him. See for yourself. (He's also in the President Obama photo mentioned above.)

8. Trey Songz confirms that he wouldn't break up with a girl just because his mother didn't approve of her, but his mother ended up being correct about a girlfriend who fit that situation.

9. If he could have a secret power, he'd choose to read thoughts.

10. Trey Songz proudly gives credit to the man who discovered his singing talent, mentor/producer Troy Taylor and even made Larry King curious about him.

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