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Ten easy ways to re-use plastic grocery bags

Plastic grocery bags: Bag-O-bags come in a variety of colors and shapes.
Plastic grocery bags: Bag-O-bags come in a variety of colors and shapes.

We all have that stash of plastic grocery bags hidden somewhere in the kitchen or pantry. It seems to multiply exponentially after each grocery trip even if you only add 3 more bags to the collection. If you are looking for ways to re-use these plastic grocery bags, we have ten bright ideas that should offer you some relief.

Learn to make a plastic bag bow:
  1. They are perfect size for a bathroom wastepaper basket liner
  2. Likewise, they are also well suited for a trash bag in your automobile
  3. When you clean out the refrigerator and find a container of leftovers that is now considered a science project- a plastic bag is the perfect first layer trash bag. And possibly second if the smell is really bad.
  4. Lunch bag for the grownups.
  5. Make shift gym bag or overnight bag
  6. Place a couple pieces of paper towels in the inside of the bag. Place your colander on top of the paper towels in the bag. Pour freshly cooked ground beef in the colander. The paper towel and bag will hold the grease instead of draining it down the sink.
  7. When you take Spot for a walk, these plastic bags are great for scooping up poop
  8. For crafters, these bags are great for keeping yarn, beads, or other supplies separate without taking up lots of room
  9. Quick trash bag for clearing out ashtrays
  10. Make shift hair bonnet if it starts raining and you don’t have your umbrella

While these are some nifty ideas to help re-use those plastic grocery bags, you probably still have a huge stockpile. If your pile of plastic bags is getting on your last nerve, take them up to your local grocery store. Most stores have a big bin that you can toss your bags in to be recycled.

Do you have other ways you re-use your plastic bags? Scroll down and share them with us in the comment section. We’d love to hear more ideas!

Have fun and happy recycling!

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