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Ten dead in Kenya attack, and 500 tourists evacuated

Today two bombs went off within seconds of each other killing ten people and injuring dozens in Kenya. Although the U.S. and Britain previously gave orders for tourists not travel to this area, many continued their travel plans. According to the L.A. Times, due to the “increased terror threats...hundreds of British tourists are fleeing.”

Police have arrested a person of interest tied to these terrorist attacks, after one bomb exploded inside a commuter bus, while the other explosion took place about the same time inside a market. Within the last 7-hours, reports on social media have indicated “following the Gikomba Market blasts, the Kenyatta National Hospital” has more than 70 casualties. There also appears to be a need of blood donations for those being treated at the hospital.

The same terrorist group linked to last years mall shootings are also being tied to this latest devastation. On Thursday, both the U.S., and Britain sent out warnings to tourists alerting them of the heightened danger. Approximately 500 travelers were evacuated by British tour businesses, according to the L.A. Times.

Video footage shows total pandemonium taking place as thousands try to find family and friends to leave the bombed area, and the severely injured seek medical care.

John Gatonye, waiting outside for an ambulance to arrive, told reporters for the Telegraph he was at his work when he heard a bomb-like sound. “I thought it was a tyre blast (a tire blowout), but when I got there a second one had happened, I have so far helped more than 16 people.” Gatoyne said. Bomb squad personnel were sent to the sight.

The detonated bombs in the Nairobi neighborhood now appear to have claimed more lives than the Westgate Mall shootings that took place last year, where 67 people were killed. Apparently, the al-Qaeda terrorist group from Somalia, accused of shooting and killing shoppers are also being investigated for these latest Kenya bombings.

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