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Ten days of resolutions - day 9 - helping others

Helping homeless
Helping homeless

Another popular New Year’s resolution is to help others. We all know that helping others is something that we should all do. But, did you realize that is was also good for your health? One researcher Allen Luks, has made a career out of examining the health benefits of helping others. Some philosophical and religious teachings maintain that helping others can make you more prosperous. Psychology researchers state that helping others leads to positive mental and physical health outcomes.

Volunteering can also give individuals additional employment opportunities and qualifications. In today’s economy volunteering can help keep job skills sharp while and individual is laid off or searching for a new job after being fired. It puts these individuals in touch with people who may have job leads. Plus it speaks highly of the volunteer’s ingenuity and resourcefulness, both qualities that employer’s value. Plus if the non-profit organization the individual is volunteering for has paying position(s), volunteering puts that person in line to fill the position(s).

Here are some other local examiners who have written on the benefits of volunteering:
Penny Bright

Bill Fowler

Some local non-profit organizations looking for volunteers:

Downtown Rescue Mission (

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Madison County

Habitat for Humanity 489-3268

Make a Wish Foundation 534-8832

Salvation Army 533-7223

United Way of Madison County 536-0745

Another recent benefit to helping others is what is known as volunteer vacations. Check out articles by Sheryl Kayne to learn more. Sheryl Kayne There are even wildlife volunteer opportunities in South Alabama and in the Mobile Bay vicinity. Giles Vaden who maintains the Outdoor Life blog for Mobile Bay Magazine ( blogs) has written about his experiences banding migrating birds and particularly hummingbirds, surveying horseshoe crabs, and wrangling baby sea turtles from their nests to the sea (or least the bay). You can contact Giles by email at If you would like to take a volunteer vacation outside of Alabama check out this website or search on-line for “environmental volunteer”.

There really are unlimited opportunities available to help other people. Another place to learn more is at the many area churches, they all have lots of opportunities to people to volunteer.

Don’t really want to invest/give personal time then look into donating money or other resources to any of the above listed non-profit organization.