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Ten days of resolutions - day 8 - learn something new

On-line learning
On-line learning
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Research shows that adult learning improved an individual’s cognitive ability and can be a safe guard against Alzeheimer’s disease. It also benefits employers by improving the knowledge base of the work force. It improves productivity and marketability of older individuals. The learning does not have to be thorough an institution of higher education such as through college courses, although it can be. Informal, or leisure, courses such as dancing, needlework, woodworking, or other craft, not only provides benefits in health and well-being they also promote community cohesion. Check out what these fellow examiners have to say about adult learning

Melanie Graysmith

Donna Gundle-Frieg

Lisa Jo Rudy also has articles about how to learn something new, as does

Plus there is the tradition adult educations courses offered on and off-line by local colleges and universities. However, some of the easiest ways of learning something new are cost free. Use the internet and research/learn about some topic that interests you. Thumb through a dictionary or encyclopedia and learn the meaning of a word or topic. Another inexpensive way to learn new things is to change the television channel from the usual media fare to an educational channel. Go to the library and check out books about a subject that interests you or that you want to learn about. Maybe check out a book about a place you would like to visit, a religion you want to know more about, archeological digs, paleontology, etc. Use to learn how to do something new. Learning new things improve social standing, self-esteem and self-confidence, and improves mental and spiritual well-being. Visit some of the local sites that offer opportunities to learn something new, such as:

• U. S. Space and Rocket Center

• Huntsville Botanical Gardens

• Huntsville Museum of Art

• North Alabama Railroad Museum

• Burritt Museum on Monto Sano Mountain

• The Alabama Constitutional Village in historic downtown Huntsville

• Alabama Center of Military History

• Cook’s Natural Science Museum.
So in this new year learn something new such as a new language, painting, wood carving, ceramics, how to use a pottery wheel, or new computer skills. It will not only improve your quality of life but improve your cognitive ability so that you face your senior years clear thinking and sharp witted.