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Ten days of resolutions - day 10 - get organized

A well organized closet
A well organized closet

Anyone who has watched a few episodes of Clean House on the Learning Channel knows the importance of good home organization and has some tips for how to get started. But why would you spend that much time and effort into getting organized? Some would say to simply save time. Disorganization and leave you chronically late for personal and business appointments. Also being organized increases your productivity at home and work. Being organized reduces stress and anxiety with a sense of control and accomplishment. Plus you save time when you don’t have to hunt for things.
Disorganized financial records get in the way of personal prosperity. Something everyone wants in this New Year. In order to get your financial records organized you might want to pick up a copy of “Homefile Financial Planning Organization Kit” by J. Michael Martin and Mary E. Martin. They state that even if you have some type of home accounting software, it is recommended that you also have a filing system to store paper receipts, warranties, tax records, bank statements and other essential documents. In addition, being organized makes you more efficiency. The average business person receives 190 pieces of information daily and wastes 150 hours (almost a full month) each year looking for stuff.
So just how you go about getting organized. You might check Jacquie Ross’ examiner articles at, or check out the following websites for articles on getting organized.

There are also several good books available on getting organized. You could hire a professional organizer like the one used on Clean House. There are several businesses that carry various types of organization supplies and systems; Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes’, Staples, and Office Depot for starters. Many of these stores carry some of the systems shown on Clean House.