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Ten articles to get the best college paper writing advice

Students life is not as easy as it seems first. When you enter the university after school, you might be shocked by the amount of different tasks and demands you will be asked to accomplish there.

The ability to be focused and disciplined, to remember a large amount of information in a short time, to organize a day in the right way, to learn the rules of communication with many new people, to make right decisions in a variety of situations – all these skills require a large exposure, emotional stress, panic, and internal resistance from a student.

When it comes to tests, exams or timed essay writing, a student becomes even more sensitive and vulnerable: a large flow of information to deal with, all those requirements and deadlines can unsettle everyone. Are there any ways to help students here?

We've gathered 10 informative articles from around the Web, which share good advice with students on how to get the best college paper:

  1. Write Fast: How to Keep Your Fingers Flying Over the Keyboard: deadlines have always been a problem for many students: when you have to write your essays or other assignments fast, you start thinking randomly on how to do that both quickly and effectively. After reading this article, every student will get useful and inspiring lifehacks on how to increase the speed of his writing, where to get inspiration for it, how to organize his writing process in a right way to be in time with everything, what a priority to choose, how to make a plan of your writing fast, and how important a location is for efficient paper writing.
  2. How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay: being a student, you probably know all rules of essay writing (what structure to choose, what citation style to use, etc.). The majority of students find it quite difficult to write a cool introduction of their papers, and they are stuck when it comes to choosing the right hook for their essays. The following article gives practical advice on writing a catchy essay hook, and it provides many samples of good essay hooks for a student to understand when and how to use them in a right way.
  3. 5 Writing Tips: How to Organize Your Research: the integral part of every college writing is research. And this is one of the most important parts probably: research is the very first thing every student does before writing his paper, and that is why it would be quite useful for him to read the given article in order to understand how to organize this process better. This piece of writing provides 5 steps to organize research the best you can, and this information will be useful for both students and non-students to keep in mind.
  4. Using Graphic Organizers for Writing Essays, Summaries and Research: you will hardly find a student who would like the process of essay writing itself. The majority of them consider it one of the most boring and frustrating tasks in their educational career, but this conviction can be easily dispelled after reading this article. The given piece of writing will show you that the process of college paper writing can be creative and interesting, if a student is not lazy to use different graphic organizers for brainstorming, research, writing, and conclusions.
  5. 20 Methods To Find Inspiration For Writing: the process of paper writing can hardly be called inspiring for students, and that is why they find it very difficult to sit and start writing their essays finally. This article describes 20 things that can help you bring your inspiration back, depending on how much free time you have for that. Learn how to find inspiration in every thing that surrounds you and make your writing process quick and productive.
  6. 7 Essential Tools For Effective College Writing: modern students are difficult to imagine without the Internet and innovative mobile gadgets. Why not to use them for writing or ordering a college paper? This list of 7 essential tools lets you choose the best helper for effective college writing, and you will see how easy and interesting the process of writing can be itself. Here you will find both online and mobile services to download to your Android or Apple device and use them productively during your studying process.
  7. 13 Ways Technology Can Improve Student Writing: no student should hesitate using technologies for his college paper writing, as it can be both helpful and inspiring. Modern techs can help you speed your writing much, organize research for your paper, find good sources for citation, structure your paper right, choose right vocabulary to describe the topic, check your essay for spelling and grammar mistakes, etc. Just read this article to find out how exactly technologies can improve your writing, and which of them are better to try for making your writing process effective.
  8. Learning is Fun: Best YouTube Edu Channels to Follow: few students can be found who consider learning process and essay writing fun, but they will definitely change their mind after reading this interesting and really informative article, that provides the list of 20 YouTube educational channels to check and use. Following them, a student will learn many facts he has not even imagined before. And you will definitely agree, that the process of study becomes much more exciting and interesting when you watch cool videos and do not listen to boring lectures some of your professors may present in a classroom.
  9. Top 17 Writing Tools Every Blogger Should Know About: even if you know how to write a really persuasive material, you still need some tools to help you here: brainstorming, research, paper structuring, right vocabulary choosing, proofreading – all these steps can be effectively completed with the best writing tools listed in this article. Don't be confused with the article's title: 17 tools given here work for everyone who writes, and every student becomes a kind of blogger or writer when he works on his college paper, doesn't he?
  10. 13 Reasons You Are Not A Successful Writer...Yet: why is it so difficult and stressful for many students to write a college paper? In order to overcome all obstacles that prevent you from writing, you should perfectly understand what these obstacles actually are. Check this article to learn 13 main reasons of your failure as a writer, and read how to deal with them and start writing effective essays. Such an article can be really inspiring and motivational for those young people who usually try to find some minor reasons to escape from writing: as far as you understand, you will not be able to ignore all assignments eternally, so maybe it would be better to do them in time?

Do not ignore interesting articles on the Web, that can help you improve your college life and make it more exciting and saturated. Reading them, you can find much cool advice on how to live this college life at the full speed, combining both study and entertainment; and no essay or other academic paper will be your worst nightmare then.

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