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Temptress, the band

Temptress is the ultimate pop, rock party band. Songs are sarcastically fun, full of killer hooks, raunchy laughs, and ultimately upbeat. Temptress songs are pure pop and punk pleasures with a hook. You can’t get the chorus out of your head, whether you like it or not! (your latest guilty pleasure). Audience participation to sing along is always encouraged or you can stand back and watch (which you won't) and novelty doesn't get much more novel than this.

A unique rock show!
Photo: Stewart Smith
Temptress will rock Cambridge at TT the Bears!
Promo Poster for event.

Temptress has come a long way since their Halloween debut in a Boston nightclub. They once held the World’s Record for playing before the most people in a single day, resulting from a series of 42 live shows in front of over 2.6 Million New Yorkers on Halloween. They literally stopped traffic on the streets between appearances on Howard Stern, Regis and Kathy Lee, and their triumphant performance at the Village Halloween Parade which has become a tantalizing annual NYC Temptress tradition.

Temptress brings rock back to its roots. It's driving, powerful, fun party music with a show that kicks ass literally.

Examiner spoke with Temptress (aka) Jessica Garabedian, lead vocalist and guitarist.

Examiner: You have certainly been around, tell us about some of the outrageous parties where you've performed?

Garabedian: "Temptress has performed at most of the world renowned events or “parties you must attend before you die”, like The Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco, the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, The Fantasy Fest in Key West, The Las Vegas Fetish Ball, Adult Video News Awards, The Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, South by Southwest Music in Austin, Texas, North by Northeast Music in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we even do large corporate events for companies like Nike, Budweiser, AT&T and Pepsi."

Examiner: What's the secret to the bands success?

Garabedian: "It's simple, before we were just musicians, now we're in show business! Our performance is thaatrical, we banter and encourage audience participation."

Examiner: I understand that you've been on many of the talk shows. Which ones?

Garabedian: "Temptress has been seen on virtually every talk show there is, from Sally, the Joan Rivers Show, Jenny Jones, Jerry Springer and the Howard Stern Show. Remarkably, I'm one of the few guests that Jerry Springer didn’t sleep with."

Examiner: Tell us about your band?

Garabedian: "As a founding member of the band I wanted to create a unique stage name. But now, I have to explain the difference between Temptress “the band” and Temptress “the celebrity," did Alice Cooper have it this tough?

On guitar is Bruce Edwards aka Brucifer. Edwards shreds on guitar and is a madman on stage, plus he plays his Les Paul loud and proud. What is amazing about Edwards is his versatility. He can play most any style well, rock, metal, country, you name it and Edwards can play it better than anyone.

Edwards is also in charge of monitoring Temptress’ stage banter, often screaming his opinion and correcting her tall stories and exaggerations. When we first met Bruce he lead a normal life and was active in the NYC Rock N Roll scene. Now he's often found talking to himself, trees, rocks and walls.

On drums is Eddie Torres who consistently kicks ass on drums at every Temptress show, keeping the train on the tracks and always on time. Given that he has to sit behind the drum kit unable to defend himself, Torres is subject to all kinds of abuse. Often it’s whatever or whoever Temptress happens to drag up on stage, often seen using drum sticks to fight off the invasion while keeping the beat.

Josette Farinas, lead guitar, is not your typical Jersey girl. While Farinas is normally quiet and reserved, she lets her fingers do the talking and can this girl can shred! When not on stages with Temptress worldwide, you can find Josette sometimes playing with two tribute bands, Judas Priestess and JennCity.

On bass guitar and vocals is Rockelle Cakes. She is more of a rocker than she looks and will often double as the band’s musical director pulling together song arrangements, vocal harmonies and making sure Temptress keeps her ego in check.

While keeping the bottom of the rhythm section down, Cakes often multi-tasks by strengthening the choruses, layer on smooth harmonies, and making sure Temptress is perfectly styled and coiffed. She used to try to keep Temptress from saying anything on stage to offend the audience but even Rockelle has limits."

Examiner: You have an upcoming gig on Friday, February 28, 2014 that incorporates an Aids Walk and a 5K run. What are the details?

Garabedian: "The 5 K race and benefit for Aids Walk begins at TT the Bears, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA 02139, (617) 492-0082. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and there will be several bands, we go on third and doors open at 6:00 p.m.

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