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Temporary placement prior to adoption

So often there are situations that touch your heart - such as an unwanted teenage pregnancy or someone wanting to give their child away. If you or someone you know is in this type of situation, you may be interested in "getting a hold of" that child as soon as possible.

Since the adoption process is lengthy and time is of the essence, consider a preplacement evaluation from a child placing agency (i.e. Catholic Social Services, Department of Human  Services, etc.). This will start the process for you and your physical home to place a child.

With written permission from the biological parent you may be able to take a child into your care before the adoption process is complete. In Michigan you must be a Michigan resident to attempt temporary placement before adoption.

When looking into this process you will need to be involved with your child placing agency or an attorney. For a direct placement (the parent to you) a written statement about the transfer of physical custody of the adoptee must be signed and witnessed by all parties involved.

The attorney must submit a written report to the court within two working days. The court then has the authority to resolve any custody disputes that arise before the formal adoption occurs.

In any situation, a preplacement assessment is required. The child placing agency evaluates your family for potential adoption. If you have any concerns about the evaluation of your family, be sure to address them.  Make sure your family and home is appropriately represented.

Although the process can seem a bit more than you are used to and "people" are budding into your personal business, it is all par for the course.

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