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Temporary foster home needed for dog at high kill California shelter

All one needs to do is look at this gorgeous blue and white pit bull terrier anxiously waiting in Kennel 54 at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter for the touch of a gentle hand and those universal words known to most dogs:

Harrison is just beautiful. He reminds us of "The Phantom of the Opera" mask.
Maria Sanchez

"Come one Harrison - are you ready to go home?"

Harrison is a two-year-old unaltered healthy dog who was brought in as a stray on Feb. 19, but his time has run out and is on the euthanasia list because of the extreme overcrowding.

According to a description on the dog's information sheet, Harrison is described as animal aggressive, however the volunteer working with this dog states:

"This big hunk is in Kennel 54. A461534 is listed animal aggressive but I am not convinced yet. While I had him out, he did not react to other dogs but did growl at the dog in the kennel next to him. He is strong and full of energy; he does sit and lay down on command and loves fetching tennis balls."

Currently there has been information about an interested party wanting to help Harrison, but volunteers have been told this dog is in immediate need of a foster home for the next one to five weeks.

Check out a current video of Harrison interacting with a volunteer by clicking here.

Need information about the San Bernardino City Shelter in California? Please read the directions carefully and help to save a life. These are dogs who are in urgent need and have no time to spare.

Harrison's story has been circulated 1,500 times, but his life is doomed to end too soon if a rescue partner does not step up for him. Please share his story with your friends, coworkers, and family. Click here to follow more of his story on Facebook.

Be a hero to a dog in desperate need.

Please spay and neuter your pets. How else are we ever going to get this horrendous overpopulation of beautiful, healthy, and adoptable cats and dogs being euthanized under control?

Just look at Harrison; he doesn't deserve to die because his previous owner was irresponsible.

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