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"Temporary discard" a part of red's future color pie?

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Much has been made about the smallness in red's share of the color pie of late, and R&D has apparently been talking about ways to remedy that. One popular notion in custom cards, especially in's Custom Card Creation forum, is that red is into "temporary solutions" because it's the color of impulse and sudden action. Mark Rosewater seems to see it that way, with Chandra, Pyromaster's 0-loyalty ability and others.

In addition, when colorsofphilosophy asked him on his Tumblr blog, "Could red get temporary discard effects, in the form of "flickering" an opponent's hand? It feels right flavorfully to me, like red is throwing dirt in your eyes to throw you off temporarily," Rosewater replied:

It’s an area we’ve actually talked about. The trick to finding “short term” spells for red us making sure that the overall fit feels right. I would put this type if spell in the maybe column.

Now, red has already gotten Ignorant Bliss as a self-aimed version of this effect, but discard insurance/automatic hellbent and preventing spellcasting are two different things. Still, red does somewhat lack for control-type options since the (rightful) downgrading of land destruction in general, and the "distraction" flavor seems to be spot-on.


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