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Temple Terrace police detective memorialized at tree-planting ceremony

Temple Terrace Deputy Police Chief Bernie Seeley, Mari Migliore, Louie Migliore, Michelle Tovar, Police Chief Ken Albano, family friend Chris Morris, and Police Captain Greg Pauley posed at memorial Myrtle tree in honor of Detective Christopher Migliore.
Temple Terrace Police Department

One year ago, on the morning of February 27, 2013, Temple Terrace police detective Christopher "Migs" Migliore, at the tender age of 31, succumbed to complications stemming from a hard-fought battle with Cushing's Syndrome. On Thursday, February 27, 2014, Detective Migliore's family, police colleagues, and friends gathered at the Temple Terrace, Fla., police department to attend a memorial tree-planting in his honor.

To commemorate the delineation of a full year since his passing, Detective Migliore's family --both kin and police-- stood shoulder-to-shoulder in full embrace while a Myrtle tree was rooted in his name. Eulogy was offered and floral arrangements were presented by Temple Terrace police administration to both Detective Migliore's mom, Mari Migliore, and his sister, Michelle Tovar.

The Myrtle tree --and its biblical connotations-- represents the faithful existence Detective Migliore held dear. A man of deep faith and tightly-woven humanistic fabric, anyone who ever crossed paths with Detective Migliore assuredly evolved with some grace, some personal gain, some heartfelt degree of authentically-uplifting spirit, all stemming from his genuinely unparalleled persona.

Known as "Migs" by his police colleagues, hockey teammates, and wide array of friends, Detective Migliore was perhaps mostly known for his perpetual smile. Glorious and radiant in nature, Detective Migliore is remembered for his ubiquitous smile, his gleaming white teeth serving as a beacon for anyone who may have been encountered an arduous day or difficult moment. Any mention of Migs was typically replied to with an adjective-laden compliment pertaining to his illuminatingly-wide, captivating smile.

Recognized as a true friend and patient listener, Detective Migliore was often referred to as "the 13th apostle" by many of his police colleagues. Providing wise counsel was one of his many attributes, offered to anyone who was keen enough to approach him for countenance.

Migs received his law enforcement basic training at the Hillsborough Community College Criminal Justice Center in Tampa, Fla. With his swearing-in conducted by the University of South Florida Police Department (USFPD), Migs commenced his law enforcement career on USF's Tampa, Fla., campus.

A pinnacle achievement for Migs as a USFPD cop was receiving nomination and subsequent awarding of USFPD's "Officer of the Year" (2006). Migliore's nomination stemmed from his ardent and skilled nature in DUI enforcement and investigations. One can imagine how many countless lives have been saved due to Migliore's success in removing inebriated drivers from the well-traversed roadways in his jurisdiction.

Thereafter a few years as a USFPD cop, Migliore joined the neighboring Temple Terrace Police Department, a suburban-Tampa sovereign government. As a 50-plus officer municipal police agency, Temple Terrace PD became another place for Migliore to spread his good-natured persona. Quickly garnering bonds to last a lifetime, Migliore remained omnipresent with regard to assisting any other police colleague.

Migliore's investigative skills and professional demeanor did not go unnoticed; after a few years working the city streets among the Patrol Division cadre, Migliore applied for and was promoted to the coveted position of police detective. He excelled, according to both his colleagues in the detective's unit and those patrolling the city streets.

While investigating cases as a police detective, Migliore noticed some aggregating health issues evolving in late-2012. Albeit a mystery to the medical community, after several months of investigative tests, Migs was eventually diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome. After a complex surgery in early 2013 to eradicate the significant effects of Cushing's Syndrome, Migs returned home and succumbed to health-related complications.

A full police funeral was held, and Detective Migliore was honorably escorted by a phalanx of police vehicles, after which he was subsequently buried at Hillsboro Memorial Gardens cemetery in Brandon, Fla., on March 4, 2013.

The somber crowd of attendees on Thursday, February 27, 2014, demonstrated the legacy of a phenomenally great man, a son, a brother, an uncle, and a brother-in-blue to myriad law enforcement officers, all of whom retain the privilege to have Detective Christopher "Migs" Migliore in their lives and indelible memory.


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