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Temple Terrace police arrest bragging rights at ball game versus fire dept.

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In it first-ever basketball competition among its public safety professionals, the city of Temple Terrace, Fla., displayed its police and firefighter forces but divided them in two for a sportsman-like competition for one victorious team to gain bragging rights. As a fundraising effort to raise money on behalf of Mission Tampa, the police department and fire department members in Temple Terrace played against each other in a game of basketball on Saturday, March15, 2014.

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Bragging rights were arrested by the Temple Terrace police department team.

After a 6:30 p.m. tip-off, a mixed sea of blue shirts (police officers) and red shirts (firefighters/paramedics) engaged each other on the wooden basketball court's surface in the First Baptist Church of Temple Terrace auditorium.

A chanting phalanx of police and firefighter supporters, respectively, echoed throughout the high-ceilinged building. The chronic sounds of rubber-soled sneakers screeched and skidded across the wooden, highly-enameled floor. Endemic in the realm of basketball was the proverbial whistle to call the order of the game; the cops refrained from using their whistles and left that responsibility to the referees.

Fouls were met not with arrest, but with sportsmanship. Furiously-hot dunking and basketballs carefully-threaded through the nets were not followed with dousing upon the opposition, but greeted with the unique comradeship traditionally indoctrinated among public safety professionals.

In the end, however, it was the Temple Terrace police force which arrested the results and now have the bragging rights...until next year's 2nd Annual Mayors' Cup Charity Basketball challenge between Temple Terrace police and fire personnel.

With a final score of 56-49, the Temple Terrace police officers prevailed. Although two police members sustained injury stemming from a highly competitive nature and eagerness to win, both blue and red shirts became one massive melange' of first responder brotherhood as the buzzer sounded the conclusion of the 1st Annual Mayor's Cup Charity Basketball competition.

Temple Terrace police officers strode victoriously from the basketball floor with a shiny, gold Mayor's Cup trophy.

In an authentic exhibition of brotherhood and public safety unity, both police officers injured while playing in the game --one sustained a torn Achilles tendon and the other a broken ankle-- were dutifully transported by on-duty Temple Terrace firefighter/paramedics.

Spectators were asked to bring canned-goods donations and a collection of those items was amassed and transported to Mission Tampa to feed families in-need.

This competition was yet another example of how public safety professionals devote themselves and their off-duty time so that the lives of others are enriched.

One may deem both the Temple Terrace police and fire professionals all winners in the grand scheme of things.


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