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Temperature below zero in the Washington DC area: watch out for pneumonia.

pneumonia symptoms
pneumonia symptoms
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Pneumonia is the most common cause of death worldwide. With temperature getting down in the single digit, the elderly, children, people with HIV as well as patients suffering from AIDS are at greater risks of catching pneumonia. Everyone with a respiratory disorder needs to be vigilant about the extremely cold weather.

Agents causing pneumonia.

Multiple agents cause pneumonia. This may include virus, bacteria, and fungus. Alcoholism and deficiency in vitamins are predictable factors. Despite vaccination against streptococcus pneumoniae, children under five are still at risk.

Medications,hospitals and surgery: factors for the increase in death from pneumonia.

People taking corticosteroids alone or in combination with bronchodilators increased their risk by 60 to 70 percent. Inhalator like Advair diskus may increase the chance of getting pneumonia.

Among people taking anti-psychotic or neuroleptic drugs, pneumonia was one of the most frequently reported cause of death. The research was published in the journal of infectious diseases report in 2011.

The over-use of antibiotics has caused multiple drugs resistant’s bacteria. 80% are due to gram-negative bacteria.

It is the most frequent infection acquired during hospitalization; over 50% of death in intensive care unit. Obese are at higher risks.

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