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Telluride plane crash: 3 pilots killed in crash, burnt fuselage photo goes viral

Remnants of the fatal plane crash that killed three pilots
Remnants of the fatal plane crash that killed three pilots
Twitter Photo, The Inquisitr

A Telluride plane crash left 3 pilots killed in a tragic accident this week. The cause of the fatal crash has not been made clear yet, but a photo of the wrecked plane that was uploaded to Twitter revealing a glimpse of the burnt fuselage has gone viral in only a single day. The Inquisitr reveals this Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 that the fatal fall occurred this Sunday afternoon in Colorado, and the identities of the 3 victims have recently been released.

As provided in an official statement this Monday by the San Miguel County Police Department, the Telluride plane crash claimed the lives of 3 victims, all of them pilots: Eric Durban, age 48, Sherman Anderson, age 64, and 57-year-old Sherry Anderson. All three of the pilots were said to be highly experienced frequent flyers. While Durban was a past military pilot, the Andersons were both commercial pilots and are survived by several family members.

The single-engine aircraft reportedly took flight before noon this Sunday at Telluride Regional Airport. The plane’s eventual destination was less than 75 miles away to Cortez, a city located in southwest Colorado. The fatal accident that left little more than burnt fuselage in its wake occurred roughly a mile away from the small airport. The wreckage was discovered by an emergency authority search after the pilots never reached their destination.

Police officials confirmed that there were no survivors in the Telluride plane crash; the 3 killed pilots were the only individuals on board at the time of the accident. Few details on the tragic fall were made immediately known, though a burnt fuselage photo from the crash’s aftermath quickly circulated via Twitter.

A deputy later added to local media reporters: “This is certainly not the outcome we were hoping for. It’s just a terrible, terrible tragedy.”

Although there was light snow and moderate winds during takeoff before the Telluride plane crash, overall weather conditions were not seen as anything extreme or anything that might have warranted the fatal accident. Investigators are continuing to look into just what caused the accident, especially considering that all of the pilots had many years of flying experience on their side.

The final communication from the single-engine aircraft was only moments before the plane took flight on the Telluride runway. There has been an outpouring of support from the public on Twitter and Facebook to the families and friends of the 3 killed pilots following the unexpected fall.

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