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Telltale's Walking Dead coming to iOS and more in April

Who's excited?
Who's excited?

Telltale's first episode of the Walking Dead will be coming to iOS in April.

Luckily for people who don't care for iOS, the game will also be coming to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, and Mac. Telltale has been suspiciously silent about when the first episode would be releasing, as well as what platforms the game would be coming to, but now we know!

After the first episode drops, the info claims that the rest of the episodes will follow "regularly." Hopefully that means once per month, minimum...I just hate waiting for things!

Are you interested in Telltale's version of the Walking Dead? And if so, what platform will you be picking it up for? I'd say it's probably obvious in my case, but let me know where you'll be playing it in the comments!