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Telling Someone You Like Them

Telling someone you like or love them can be the most intimidating thing you ever have to do.
Telling someone you like or love them can be the most intimidating thing you ever have to do.

There are many ways you can let the person you like know your feelings towards them. Some ways are straight out telling them while others can be in the form of an anonymous note. But how should you start the letter out? What do you do if they reject you? If you two are currently close friends, telling them of your feelings could put your friendship in jeopardy if they don’t feel the same. When deciding whether or not you should tell them your feelings, consider these things:

  1. If you are friends, how will it affect your relationship with them after you tell them?
  2. Is there a chance that this person will make fun of your feelings with their friends?
  3. Do they show signs that they like you too?

If you two are friends then there is a chance your relationship will change once you tell them of your feelings. But there is also a chance that you will go back to normal within time. Do you want to take the risk of gaining something more with the risk of losing something in the process?

  1. Try to notice if they ever flirt with you. If they do flirt with you, do they act like this with everyone?
  2. Are you the one they call in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep or have a problem?
  3. If you two have mutual friends, see what they think about the situation. Maybe they can notice things that you don’t about the situation.
  4. When you two hang out, does he/she make sure to look extra nice? Try to notice if she puts on lip gloss or he puts on extra cologne.

You don’t necessarily have to find out if they feel the same about you; you could just take a chance and tell them. Here are ways to let them know that you like them.

  1. Write a note. Either put it in their locker or mail it to them.
  2. Send them a text message.
  3. Facebook them or email them telling them how you feel.
  4. Invite them over or hangout with them. Try to hold their hand or flirt to see how they react.
  5. When together, just straight out tell them how you feel about them. You could start by saying “we’ve been friends for a while and I don’t know how you feel but I have wanted something more. I was wondering if you feel the same.” “I really like you and was wondering if you’d consider us together as a couple?” You could always go old school with it and just use the phrase “Will you go out with me?”
  6. If it is Valentine’s Day, you could give them a card and see how they react.
  7. Lastly, have them go on sort of a scavenger hunt. Make a note with a word search. Have the note say “Solve this word search to find out where to find your next clue as to who I am.” Once they find out where to find the next clue, do the same with having them solve the puzzle to find the next place to go. This could be a fun way to tell them you like them.
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