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Telling someone you have feelings towards them

Life is about taking risks, you don't want to regret not making a move.
Life is about taking risks, you don't want to regret not making a move.

There are various ways to tell someone you have feelings towards them. The approach you make depends on how shy you are and what the circumstances are. Here are a few ways that you could tell that someone that you have fallen/are falling for them.

One way is through a text message. Just remember that with this route anyone could read the message. Who knows if their phone is just sitting around and someone decides to read their messages. But you could always start up the conversation to see if it is them first and then ease in to revealing your feelings towards them.

Another way is through an email. Again, anyone could read it or they could show anyone so this is recommended if you don’t mind other people knowing about your feelings. But sometimes it is easy to just sit in front of the computer and write it out opposed to talking it out.

If you want to go with a romantic approach, you could always write a love letter. You could send it as anonymous or tell them who you are. A hand written letter is always better if you have good handwriting. If your handwriting isn’t the best then just pop word up on your computer, print out the letter then mail it to them. If they don’t live alone then anyone could see it before they do. But if they are the only ones home at the time of the mail most of the time then this is a good approach.

Along the lines of mailing a letter is just giving them a “note”. Remember in school when you would pass your friends a note in class? You could always write the note before you see them, then before you leave you could hand them the note telling them to not show anyone.

One other way to tell someone how you feel about them is in person. This takes a lot of guts considering the rejection could be more brutal in person. But this route is suggested if you don’t want anyone knowing what your true feelings are besides them. Ask them if you could come over and start talking about random stuff as usual. Tell them that something has been on your mind for quite some time and you just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The last method you could do is a phone call. This is similar to talking in person except you don’t know if they’re the only ones you are talking to. Nowadays anyone could pick up a conversation on the phone through a scanner or even with another phone.

The more personal the approach you go the better when you’re dealing with your feelings. You could always write them a letter, personally give it to them, and then tell them to come outside or come over once they are finished reading it. This may ensure that nobody else will read it but them.

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