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Teller sues over 'blessed day': Bank teller terminated for well wishes

A bank teller sues her former employer for being fired over telling customers to have a "blessed day." News 13 reports July 6 that the Kentucky woman, Polly Neace, believes in living her faith on a daily basis, not just in church. The teller who worked at U.S. Bank in Walton, Kentucky, made a point of saying this phrase to them.

Neace says:

"I say, 'Have a blessed day,' all of the time. All of the time. I don't feel there's any better kind of day you can have than a blessed day."

In the beginning, the teller's blessed day wish didn't bother customers, but Neace received a code of ethics violation in March 2011 which revealed several customers complained about her constantly saying the phrase. Neace claims no one ever complained to her about it.

It got worse when Neace began asking customers if they accepted Jesus as their savior. The bank found it highly inappropriate and unacceptable for any of its tellers to do that. Despite numerous warnings from the bank, she continued telling people to have a blessed day.

CBN News reports that Polly Neace had worked at the bank for 24 years. The CBN report adds that U.S. Bank reveals in its claim that she also asked a customer about taking the Lord's name in vain and went on about salvation in their conversation.

Neace kidded around with the manager of the bank, telling him she should just go back to her old phrase of "have a blessed day" and be fired. According to the report, she was canned the next day. Neace now says she feels "very persecuted."

The bank teller eventually filed a lawsuit against U.S. bank on the grounds that she was "discriminated against for exercising her religious freedoms."

Neace says she won't "back down from this" because it's the "principle" of the situation she wants to address.

U.S. Bank says this in a statement:

"At U.S. Bank, we hold our employees to high ethical standards when interacting with customers and co-workers and take violations of these standards seriously."

What do you think about the bank teller saying "have a blessed day" to her customers?

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