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Tell The Man to keep his hands off our Sun

According to the CBC and internet radio station LTDRadio, there is a guy in Fredericton, New Brunswick who has built a solar furnace for three hundred (Canadian) dollars.

Apparently, our sources suggest, Randy Buchanan took some plans he found on line, revamped them a bit, then built the furnace from pop cans, aluminum down spouts and a surplus double-pane glass window.

If we could all do the same thing, then governments the world over would find a way to tax sunlight.

According to our sources, with air circulation coming from a small exhaust fan, Buchanan says the air comes into his home at 5 degrees Centigrade and leaves at 38 C.

Buchanan figures his solar furnace design would work best on houses that face south.

Or, one could build a device that captures all the hot air that comes out of Parliamentary sessions and Senate hearings in Ottawa and heat the whole nation for free. Then, though, governments would find a way to tax b.s.

Sometimes, we downtrodden Canadians just can't win. Next up on our wish list is a fur-lined sink.

(See video for Bill Nye the Science Guy and energy efficiency.)

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