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Tell Congress to support the Illegal Entry Accountability Act of 2014

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There's a lot of stories about illegal immigration. I've tried to narrow down the stories to the Arkansas level as best I can.

I saw this bill before the July 4th weekend & it looks like a great way for a much better way for the GOP to make gains in the hispanic vote than trying to out amnesty democrats. Rep. Randy Weber introduced the Illegal Entry Accountability Act of 2014 last week to hold Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador “accountable” for their citizens’ illegal migration by suspending foreign aid to those countries.” Similar bills to stop taxpayer money from going to corrupt 3rd world governments have been ignored by Congress & the press with illegal immigration being the result. Immigrants hate these lazy 3rd world government officials & We the People are sick of taxpayer funds being wasted. Check it out and then contact members of Congress, along with those running for office, & urge them to cosponsor HR5014.

I haven't found an example of any place in Arkansas being used as a relocation area, but that could change at any moment. Use this map to warn anyone you know in other states about the DC effort to make the children of US Taxpayers pay for the corruption of 3rd world countries.
For all the free market libertarian economist types who still don't care about an open border. I hope this gets you to at least support HB5014.