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Tell City Planners To Support Food & Flowers Freedom Act!

Come and support the Food and Flowers Freedom Act on March 25!
Come and support the Food and Flowers Freedom Act on March 25!
Courtesy Urban Farming Advocates

As I wrote about right here in October, 2009,the Urban Farming Advocates are asking that we all support The Food and Flowers Freedom Act.

The City of Los Angeles' current, antiquated Truck Gardening Ordinance does not allow crops, orchards or flower gardening in residential areas and it prohibits homegrown fruits, flowers, and seedlings to be sold off site. This Truck Gardening Ordinance needs to be updated to change this!

These proposed changes are going to be presented to the Planning Commission and there will be a public hearing on Thursday, March 25 at Van Nuys City Hall to discuss it. Here's the link with the info. on the meeting Please note, the exact time of the hearing on this issue will be posted on the site by Tuesday or Wednesday, but the meeting gets started at 8:30 a.m.

Show the Urban Farming Advocates some love and not only thank them for their efforts on behalf of urban farming in Los Angeles, but show up and support the Food and Flowers Freedom Act! 

They include Silverlake Farms, LA Community Garden Council, Homegrown Evolution and Full Circle Gardening.

For More Info.

Urban Farming Advocates,

LA City Planning Commission Agenda


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