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Television show spoilers: Keep or give away?

Let's talk tv.
Let's talk tv.

Imagine this, you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed or your Twitter feed and you stop suddenly. There, right before your eyes are the very words you didn’t want to see. Whether you DVR your shows, download, stream, use Hulu Plus, Amazon, or Netflix; sometimes you are behind everyone else with watching the popular shows.

Some websites will cover their tracks with warnings – “stop reading now,” “please don’t read past the break,” and “don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.” Some writers will put the word “Spoilers” right in their headline. Other websites just write away and don’t bother giving any sort of warning. Before you realize it, you already know that Dr. M is going to marry Ms. Y or that Lady A is going to hook up with Boy B behind Mrs. C back. Even worse, your favorite character has died.

The internet is what it is. It is impossible to shield everyone from everything, especially when it comes to entertainment. People want to talk and discuss their views and experiences. It’s human nature. Getting angry about a spoiler that clearly said “Spoiler” in the headline is also human nature, its curiosity.

But how far is too far when it comes to revealing what is going to happen in an episode that hasn’t aired vs. an episode that has already aired?

Some folks watch television at a snail’s pace. If you are one of those people who are two weeks behind on “Game of Thrones,” you should probably know by now to not bother clicking on any article related to the show. People will be discussing what happened. It’s just common sense.

Judging from the amount of television fan web sites; fans love their spoilers.

Judging from the amount of television tweets; viewers often get angry about spoilers.

There are ways to avoid spoilers, but you can’t escape them.

The argument could be made that you should watch a show when it airs to avoid being spoiled. Not everyone has that luxury, we get it. Spoiler writers understand that many people want to watch the show with no prior knowledge of what is about to happen so the show can be enjoyed the way it was meant to. Those writers who respect this will give warning. It is your job to not click and read.

How do you feel about spoilers? Should they be given away?

Sound off in the comments below.

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