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Televisa's worst telenovela La Malquerida, debuts on Univision

Promotion poster for Televisa's new telenovela, La Malquerida
Promotion poster for Televisa's new telenovela, La Malquerida

Despite the hype, despite the well-respected actors in Televisa's new telenovela, La Malquerida, it is a flop. The ratings in Mexico, where it premiered about two months ago, are well below average. So one must wonder why Univision gambled with this one and left other great telenovelas out?

Victoria Ruffo is one of the best, well-known and respected actresses that the Mexican television network, Televisa, has ever had. She is a household name and any novela with her in it, is usually golden. However, this telenovela's story line leaves a lot to be desired.

Her daughter in La Malquerida, played by Ariadne Diaz, apparently falls in love with her mother's husband (Christian Meier). That in itself is enough to turn most people off. One could argue that audiences are looking for something new, with twists and turns to add some suspense. Perhaps something a little different than the traditional Cinderella story (Lo Que La Vida Me Robo excelled in this) but La Malquerida was taken too far and may prove too much for the traditionally conservative Hispanic community. In Mexico, ratings have plummeted despite various attempts by Televisa to assure the public that ratings are good.

Univision also premiered Maite Perroni's La Gata, whose typical fairytale story has also seen its ratings drop since it began in Mexico. However, her mass following and Daniel Arenas' recent success, may help pull this novela through.

There were much better selections for the Univision network to broadcast, including El Color de La Pasion, which just ended in Mexico last Sunday. Another great telenovela was Quiero Amarte which was one of the most talked about on social media, frankly the best telenovela that Televisa has had this year and the one that preceded La Malquerida. Televisa's Quiero Amarte would have been a much safer choice for Univision's primetime audience.

If La Malquerida's ratings continue to drop in the U.S., it will be a matter of time before Victoria Ruffo's new telenovela is switched to a more suitable time frame or the Univision network might abridge it to end it sooner. It would not be the first time Univision has edited acquired telenovelas that have flopped in recent years.

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