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Televisa’s Quiero Amarte telenovela fans cause a flurry on social media

In a few weeks, Televisa’s telenovela Quiero Amarte, starring Christian de la Fuente and Karyme Lozano, will be coming to an end in Mexico. Good will triumph over evil, boy gets girl and everyone will be happy right?

Last month, a banner supporting the #PorUnFinalDeMaxConConstanza cause of Televisa's telenovela Quiero Amarte, appeared in front of the TV network's studio in Mexico City. The banner was made by fans supporting the couple.
Twitter: @LouvierDlaFuent

Wrong. Some fans want the fairy tale ending to end with a slight twist.

Fans have been flocking social media, sending tweets and comments to the writers and the producer to change the ending. Many would love to see the fairytale ending but with the antagonist, Constanza.

Using the hashtag #PorUnFinalDeMaxConConstanza they have been able to sustain a following and are gaining more sympathizers for their cause; including Christian de la Fuente, who tweeted his support.

While the story began with a powerful message of love between the parents of the main characters, somewhere along the line, the love story of the main characters, Max and Amaya, was lost.

The story began with De la Fuente’s character, Max, in love and engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Constanza, played by Adriana Louvier. Constanza was confused not only by the lies that her professor instilled in her but by his obsessive love for her. He managed to break up their wedding, assuring Constanza that Max had been unfaithful to her with another woman, Amaya (played by Karyme Lozano).

Apparently Max becomes “in love” with Amaya after saving her from drowning and caring for her while she was trying to escape from her cheating husband. Nothing happens but apparently Max and Amaya are now in love.

Forward a few months later and Amaya marries Max’s brother in the name of “revenge”, sacrificing the “love” she said she had for Max. Amaya’s character lost a lot of credibility with many fans because of this.

Faithful telenovela watchers of Quiero Amarte, have taken to social media to have their voices heard. For weeks now, they have been stepping up the ante in their quest to have Max live happily ever after with his first girlfriend, Constanza.

Constanza, who has since moved in with Max and pregnant with his child, is not perceived as an actual villain. Most fans would agree that she was actually a victim of intrigue by her former lover and professor. A lie that separated the true love that Max and Constanza had for one another they claim.

We’ll soon find out if the writers and producers have a change of heart and gives them the fairytale ending they want to see.

The overall story of the telenovela, Quiero Amarte, is good. Some slow parts could be edited out to move it along but the storyline is very well written and the characters have been given proper depth.

Quiero Amarte boasts of an international cast and takes place in the beautiful and indigenous Mexican state of Chiapas. The production has done a marvelous task of depicting traditional dress-wear in Chiapas, it's main agricultural influence (coffee) and has alluded to the issue of immigration with the neighboring country of Guatemala. All relatable elements with U.S. Hispanic audiences.

TV ratings for Quiero Amarte in Mexico may not reflect it entirely, but it is one of the best telenovelas of 2014. The telenovela ends June 1st in Mexico. No word yet as to when or if Univision will retransmit for U.S. audiences.

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