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Televangelist advises woman to sell haunted house

Former southern Baptist minister and televangelist Pat Robertson, most known as the head of the 700 Club, has advised a woman to sell a house that she believes is haunted.

Pat Robertson, who is known form making controversial statements, has advised a person to sell a haunted house.
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It seems the woman wrote to Robertson saying she did not want to purchase the house in the first place because “the Lord tried to stop us from buying it at every turn.” However, her husband insisted and soon they moved in.

The woman complained that unusual things were happening, including doors opening and closing on their own, items disappearing and objects falling off shelves.

Likely believing that all ghosts are the “unclean spirits” spoken of in the Bible, Robertson responded by saying, “I would sell that house in a heartbeat. I would run to the nearest realtor, put it on the market, cut the price in half and get out.”

In case she did not like that idea he added that she should “get a bunch of believers” to attend at her home, anoint each room and “plead the blood of Jesus and cast demons out.” He also noted that it would likely be “a long fight.”

It seems clear that Robertson knows little about the reality of ghosts. They are, for the most part, simply the spirits of those who have died and have chosen to remain earthbound for some reason. It could be that the spirits in her house were the former owners and do not wish to leave a home that they love.

It might also be that something happened in the home, such as a murder or other crime that has kept them there in a state of limbo. A spirit or spirits could be acting out in order to draw attention to his or her fate.

It is also possible that the woman is experiencing poltergeist activity but the original article did not say if there were young teenagers in the home. Kids going through puberty tend to be all over the map with their emotions and their body’s electrical activity can cause all kinds of seemingly paranormal activity.

Although Robertson responded it a manner that one would expect from his knowledge base, there are other ways to deal with unwanted and disruptive spirits. Sometimes just reminding them that they have passed over and need to move on can work. If not, there are psychics and other professionals in the field who can get to the root of the problem in order to determine the necessary action that needs to be taken.

This is a subject that this Examiner and co-writer Dawn Colclasure tackled in one of our recent books entitled Totally Scared: The Complete Book On Haunted Houses. This book was first issued by Saga Books of Calgary, AB but is no longer being sold through them due to difficulties coping with the current changes and costs related to the publishing field.

However, we plan to make this work available soon as an ebook for those that are interested in learning what to do if they find themselves in a similar situation. There are plenty of people out there who could help. One just needs to know what they do and where to find them.

Source: Pat Robertson Advises Woman to Sell Her 'Haunted House' (Video):

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