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Teleseminar today on Jim Morrison, The Doors and the mind of God

David Shiang will be hosting a teleseminar this afternoon about Jim Morrison and the mind of God
David Shiang

This may be for the more mystically oriented Doors fans. David Shiang will be hosting a teleseminar this afternoon (August 6, 2014) on “Jim Morrison and The Doors to Ultimate Reality”.

Shiang who is the author of the “Top 10 Commandments of Jim Morrison” and the forthcoming “Jim Morrison and the Infinite Goldmine: My Journey Through The Doors to the Mind of God”. His teleseminar will focus on “Jim Morrison’s amazing vision and why he deserves a place among the worlds top thinkers.” Shiang also says, “He (Jim Morrison) discovered the only solution to the problem that Stephen Hawking is still trying to figure out, and it’s not the solution Hawking is expecting.”

The teleseminar is August 6, 2014 at 2 pm (Eastern time) which be available at Instant Teleseminar, this will be live and there will be a question and answer period following the seminar. If a computer is unavailable this afternoon you can attend by phone, by calling (425) 440-5100 and entering the guest pin code: 380584#. If you can’t watch the teleseminar live it will also be available for replay at the Instant Teleseminar site.

If you would like more information on David Shiang and his books and outlook on Jim Morrison and The Doors visit his website at Doors Goldmine. The Doors Examiner had the opportunity to interview Shiang in June of 2011. You can read the interview at “The Doors Examiner interview David Shiang.”

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