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Teleportal 3: McSweeney's

Teleportal 3: McSweeney's
Teleportal 3: McSweeney'sMonofonus Press

This Tuesday marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship as local record label/multimedia organization Monofonus Press teams up with McSweeney's, the Eggers helmed indie publishing house and Texan native Domy Books for Teleportal 3. Once a month, for the past two months and running, Monofonus Press holds a live literary event in the lush and lovely San Jose Hotel courtyard. This month the folks of Monofonus have brought together a star studded cast of McSweeny's authors, a special (and as yet unnamed) musical guest, and the fine people of Domy's Books with a selection of relevant works to purchase on-site.

The event will be held at 8 pm, those looking for a good position should arrive early.