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Telemarketers Scamming Timeshare Owners

After stealing about $2.6 million from hopeful timeshare owners looking to get out, 46-year-old Gregory Fusca of Palm Beach Gardens, FL was finally sentenced to over 14 years in prison for operating RC Innovations, Inc. That judgment last month was not the only one that the US Attorney’s Office has announced this year, notably a different case in the Midwest from the Southern District of Illinois. Earlier in 2014 they reported that time share owners in 30 out of the 38 counties there in the Prairie State were victimized by C&G Marketing Associates (another fraudulent company that was based in Palm Beach). From 2007 until late 2009, over 25,000 innocent vacation property owners from all over the U.S. to Canada to Puerto Rico lost around $35 million by investing their earnings into this horribly long-lasting telemarketing timeshare scheme. Timeshare owners looking to sell a timeshare should get a clear message from the Department of Justice (DOJ link):

The question that perplexes many of us is “How are these scams are not brought to the light until so much money is taken from dozens of innocent citizens who just want to sell their timeshares?” If beforehand more people would pay attention to the free and very helpful advice and alerts from Consumer Protection Attorneys at sites such as, their eyes would be opened to how easy it is to get cheated by these intensely proactive timeshare crooks. The truth is, if a random person is planning to become an illegal scamming telemarketer and is trying to find a list of future victims to call, it’s as easy as making a few searches on the internet. Then, as many criminals do, they prey on the weak, doing their best to find out who is the most desperate to sell their timeshare. After that, all they have to do is find as many folks as they possibly can to team up with to help them make calls (usually they are in small packs of 5-10 scammers according to recent US Attorney’s Office fraud operation bust reports, such as the ones resulting in millions of dollars lost that were previously mentioned in the paragraph above).

The scammers then team up in various places across the U.S. in small, tight offices that the authorities call “boiler rooms”. This is where they meet together (usually on a regular weekly work shift) in a place of business that is most of the time surrounded by legally-operated businesses. One may conclude that they use the other businesses that are located around them (sometimes in the exact same building) as sort of a camouflage to try and look like they are just normal folks that go to work every day. If only the personnel in these neighboring offices knew what was really going on behind the scenes maybe these types of busts would be exposed a lot sooner. Sadly, it isn’t until tens of thousands of hard working citizens across this entire continent and beyond lose so much money (at times up to $1000 per phone call transaction) that the operations are exposed for what they really are - discreetly spread-out bands of coy, manipulative, heartless thieves.

Only nationally recognized and legitimate timeshare owner groups online, such as the flagships of Time Share Users Group ( and Timeshare Forums (, are where consumers should visit if you are trying to sell your timeshare for free (or $15). But be realistic… your timeshare has to have legitimate market value. Market value can be assessed (for free) by Licensed Real Estate Brokers specializing in exceptional high-end timeshares, who are internationally known through law firms in the timeshare divestment industry (you are looking for a complimentary law firm referral to these Brokers).

For most consumers however, the timeshare has no market value yet they still need to cancel a timeshare contract. For timeshare owners in need of a safe and secure timeshare divestment, the Timeshare Consumer Protection Attorneys at The Abrams Firm are there to help you with a free consultation. They can easily be reached at (360) 918-8196 or at

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