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Teleka Patrick: 'If something happens to me, look at the church'

Teleka Patrick and Pastor Marvin Sapp
Teleka Patrick and Pastor Marvin Sapp

It's now been three months since Teleka Patrick, the doctor from Kalamazoo, Michigan went missing with little to no leads. New developments have surfaced that maybe Teleka was worried and feared for her safety.

According to Private Investigator Jim Carlin, "She told her mom, and Mrs. Patrick talks about this often, if anything happens to me you got to look at that church. It's pretty profound," he said.

The church that Patrick is referring to is that of Pastor Marvin Sapp. Some have questioned the relationship between that of the missing doctor and the very popular pastor and Gospel singer.

The private investigator believes Pastor Marvin Sapp deserves a closer look in connection to the disappearance of Teleka Patrick.

"A few weeks before Teleka's disappearance, on two separate occasions, Teleka told her mother she had seen Marvin Sapp's body guards walking around the Gull Run Apartment Complex where she lived" said Carlin.

However, in September of last year, Pastor Marvin Sapp filed a personal protection order against Patrick and his church sent her a letter revoking her membership because of "inappropriate emails and pictures" sent to Pastor Sapp. This has left many wondering about the mental stability and emotional state of the young doctor.

According to the Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller III, "The pastor is nothing more than an innocent victim of an apparent stalking."

Teleka Patrick went missing in Kalamazoo County in December, and there has been no sign of her since her car was found abandoned in Indiana.

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