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See also: Introduces Six Reasons to Use Its New Web Platform, a company out of Norway that offers an incredibly wide variety of services through its web platform, has introduced six new reasons why clients should turn to its products and services in 2014-2015. The company, which was founded in 2004, underwent an ownership change in 2014 and the new owners have been working tirelessly to consistently improve and expand upon the products and services offers.

“We are very proud of our web platform and it is our belief that there are many ways that clients can benefit from all of our services,” said a representative with the company. “There are many reasons why clients should use our services, and we felt that it would be helpful to delineate a few of those reasons.”

The representative then discussed some of the more popular reasons why so many people are turning to, ultimately settling on six reasons in particular. Offers Outstanding SEO and Marketing Services

Over the years, has developed some of the most effective SEO and marketing services available in Norway, having spent a great deal of time researching the best possible methods to offer their clients exposure across a number of channels. The research has paid off in a significant way for the company, as it has quickly ascended among the ranks of the most sought-after marketing firms in all of Norway.

“We believe that broad exposure is simply not enough, as this does not necessarily achieve the best results for our clients,” said the representative. “We have found that it is important to engage in targeted exposure, in which we ensure that our client’s message is seen and heard by the most appropriate audience. This takes a little bit of extra time and effort on our part, but it is completely worth the results that we are able to achieve.”

An Impressively Thorough Real Estate Showcase

Searching for real estate is often a very difficult proposition, and many real estate sites fail to adequately match a property to a property seeker. employs a search function that is able to filter out the properties in its showcase based on the needs of the prospective home buyer. The search function is one of the aspects that the new ownership groups focuses on after taking over in 2014, as one of their goals is to make it as easy as possible for users of the site to find whatever it is they are looking for. This improvement certainly applies to real estate, and there are many filters that quickly narrow the options for home buyers.

“We have a very large number of listings on our site, and we felt that some people would be overwhelmed if the search function was not as efficient as possible,” said the representative. “Just as with all of the things that we do, we made sure that we were thorough in developing a search function that would properly match the potential home buyer with the listing that best suits their needs.”

A Job Board That Works for Both Employers and Prospective Employees

The job board at is one of the more popular aspects of the company’s web platform, and both employers and prospective employees have found that the board is comprehensive and easy to navigate. Employers appreciate the fact that the search filters ensure that only the most qualified candidates apply for the posted position, and prospective employees see a significant benefit from the presence of a wide variety of job postings and the ability to search through those listings based on their education and experience.

Every Type of Transportation Imaginable

Whether someone is looking for a boat, a car or a motorcycle, has it available in their for sale section. Buyers are able to quickly find what they are looking for in the comprehensive listings provided by, and sellers are able to be linked to a serious buyer in a manner that is considered incredibly easy.

“We make sure that our listings are filled with as many options as possible so that our buyers are able to find exactly what they need quickly and easily,” said the representative. “Because our listings are comprehensive, sellers are assured that their listing will be viewed by buyers who are looking specifically for what they are offering.”

Clients Are Protected Through Company Contracts offers its clients protection through the signing of contractual agreements, ensuring that all of the terms that have been agreed upon are met to the satisfaction of the client. This sense of protection is very valuable due to the fact that clients can feel confident in the products and services they will receive from

A History of Social Responsibility is a major supporter of a variety of charitable causes, so much so that the company even offers specialized marketing services to these charitable causes. In many cases, can provide free marketing throughout its website or a part of its website, while also offering advice with regard to the best way to promote the cause and maximize the potential of the charitable endeavor.