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Telecommute at a Denver bakery using free Wi-Fi

Telecommute at a Denver bakery that offers free Wi-Fi.
Telecommute at a Denver bakery that offers free Wi-Fi.
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If you are a telecommuter you may get bored with being at home and are probably a little lonely too. If your telecommuting job allows for you to work anywhere then why not switch up the scenery by moving your office for an hour or so to one of Denver's hip bakeries. Why a bakery? First of all they have free Wi-Fi connections. It is also a place to go to clear your brain and get those creative juices flowing. Oh, and to eat cupcakes.

Besides changing your work scenery, getting out in the neighborhood allows for you to network with other people. A curious patron could notice you diligently working away on your laptop and discover your telecommuting talent. You could easily pick up a new client over coffee and a cupcake.

So charge your battery, pack up your laptop and check out Lovely Confections Bakery located at 1489 Steele Street, Unit C. Besides offering free Wi-Fi, you can use their ports to plug directly into their Internet. While you are there you can enjoy their unique selection of made from scratch and organic cupcakes as you relax in their quiet atmosphere.

If you are out and about in Park Hill you may want to stop by 2216 Kearney Street for a visit to Cake Crumbs. Here you can sit for a while and enjoy their free Wi-Fi, munch on one of their nine flavors of cupcakes, including a vegan one, or try something from their full service breakfast and lunch menu.

Cherry Creek's Big Fat Cupcake at 129 Adams Street has over twenty varieties of big sized cupcakes to go along with their free Wi-Fi. In the summer you can work at a table outside and bring your dog with you for one of their homemade doggy treats.

Just remember that as a telecommuter, you will be more than welcome to sit and work for a short while at any of these Denver bakeries that offer free Wi-Fi. Especially if you purchase one of their delicious cupcakes.


  • Fred 5 years ago

    Great article, makes me want a cupcake really bad. Thanks for the tips and cool places to check out.

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