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Telecommunications Today Leave Us With No Excuses

Man Must Change His Nature To Avert The End
Man Must Change His Nature To Avert The End
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The availability factor

If you don't own a phone, there's no excuse. Even if you don't have internet access, there's no excuse. Even if you don't own a smart phone or computer, there is no excuse. The prevalence of online connectivity as a free commodity from businesses anywhere, leave us with no excuses for not connecting with our families, friends and everyone in between. There are hot spots everywhere today. The availability of free computer access has been a reality for the past 25 years now through public libraries and other community outlets. Connecting with someone else's cell phone, land line or computer is as easy as opening a free Goggle+ Voice account from anywhere, all that is needed is an email account - and those have been free since their inception! There is no excuse for not being able to get the word out to anyone anywhere nowadays. The array of satellites in this planet's atmosphere enables big corporations to offer services for free in a wide range of telecommunications. There are servers offering free space to host your own website. There are companies offering us free space on their servers to host our own video outlets, essentially making space available to have your own video broadcasts on the internet. It is truly amazing what is available for free out there in cyberspace these days.

Our fallen nature

So why do people still lose touch? Why do we not communicate and connect with each other? How is it someone can 'fall off the grid', and be forgotten by their fellows? Simply put: because we are selfish and egotistical, defensive and mistrustful. We are a flawed generation who limp along in our wounds pushing others away, because we value our 'space' more than the needs of others. We are unable for the most part, to get out of our own skin to see, feel, and attempt to understand the needs of another. We, as a people, a nation, a race and a species, lack the capacity to set our eyes to becoming 'others oriented' and it will be our great failing. Although we will never be able to say we lacked the resources, because that is an excuse we just don't have anymore. The technological advancements surround us and we turn them off, tune others out and fearfully run from our neighbors. Before we will realize world peace, before we will feed a starving planet, before we turn the tide on this ravenous consumption of all this lovely world is making available to us and create a wasteland out of our garden - me must change our corrupted, self-seeking natures. I don't see it happening, now or in the future and sadly, I only see the fulfilment of the Bible's edict: that man will be his own undoing.