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Tej Kohli - IT Pioneer

Tej Kohli
Tej Kohli Foundation

Tej Kohli A lot of words have been used to describe Tej Kohli: investor, brilliant businessman, facilitator, philanthropist and compassionate humanitarian: they all apply. However, these are just words. Mr. Kohli’s deeds tell the story.

Born August 17th, 1958 in New Delhi, India, Tej Kohli grew up in modest circumstances, the son of Dr. S. M. S. and Gurcharan Kohli. As a boy Tej was a diligent student with a passionate interest in technology and dreams of someday helping those less fortunate by making the world a better place. With dedication and determination he has done just that.

After graduation from the India Institute of Technology in Kanpur with an honors degree in electrical engineering, Tej Kohli worked in his chosen industry for several years, gaining knowledge and experience before he stepped out and started his first technology company, Grafix Softech. An innovative and discerning businessman, Tej Kohli has been at the crest of Internet technology since its inception. Kohli established Grafix Software, a privately held company in 1997 to offer simple to operate turnkey solutions to E-Commerce business challenges. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, Grafix Software is globally known for its extensive range of state-of-the-art commercial services including business mentoring, campaign management, search engine optimization, creative web design and much more. Grafix Softech serves clients around the world.

The Tej Kohli Foundation notes, "Tej Kohli is an international businessman and philanthropist, with a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and India. His business interests range from e-commerce and IT, to real estate and reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Tej continues to invest in forward-looking industries through the venture capital division of his company. Tej’s charitable works are channeled through the Tej Kohli Foundation, which supports under-privileged individuals in his adopted home of Costa Rica as well as his native India. Tej is particularly proud of the Foundation’s work in funding and promoting mobile eye clinics, the Niramaya Eye Hospital, and a program of corneal transplants to alleviate blindness in Delhi and across India’s Northern Central District. Tej is continually looking for areas in which direct, targeted, charitable support will change people’s lives."

Today the Tej Kohli Group has offices in India, Costa Rica, the United Emirates, Argentina and the UK. To support global business growth, Kohli invests forward thinking startup companies with the assistance of the venture capital division of company. Mr. Kohli firmly believes in three basic business principles: “Business success is derived from constant engagement that utilizes the latest developments; finding and developing the right individuals is essential for growing a successful company; and harnessing the ideas of the younger generation is the key to figuring out the solution to hurdles to economic success that all countries face. These three principles have guided Tej Kohli and his group of companies through the years and will continue to do so, aiding the man in succeeding in whatever he ventures into.“

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