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Tej Kohli - Innovative Entrepreneur Helps Children Around The World

Tej Kohli Flight
Tej Kohli Flight
Tej Kohli Foundation

Tej Kohli, India born billionaire businessman and compassionate philanthropist stands as a shining example of leadership and innovative entrepreneurship. Maintaining a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in India, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe, Mr. Kohli is a role model, mentor and benefactor to young people in India and around the world.

Mr Kohli was not born a rich man with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in modest circumstances. From a young age Kohli developed a passionate interest in the world of technology. A graduate of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, Mr Kohli gained his degree in electrical engineering.

Upon graduation he spent time working in the private sector where he identified gap in the international market for e-commerce platforms. Mr Kohli went on to merge his passion for technology with a natural aptitude for enterprise. In the late 1990s, Mr Kohli founded his first company, Grafix Softech.

Today; Grafix is one of an ever-evolving number of international highly successful high-tech companies. Based with headquarters in Costa Rica, Grafix Softech has a significant presence in India. India born billionaire Tej Kohli also holds a diverse array of other businesses located in his native country. Privately owned by Mr Kohli, Grafix Softech currently employs hundreds of persons around the world.

Mr Kohli’s amazing business success doesn’t stop there. Kohli also holds substantial interests in a number of growth industries, from real estate in the Middle East, to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery worldwide. While continuing to seek out and invest in new growth industries, Tej Kohli retains an intense personal interest in IT development: ensuring his own companies remain leaders in their chosen field.

An established leader in the world of information technology, Mr Kohli holds the firm belief that success comes from personal hard work, determination, discipline, and remaining open to new opportunities and possibilities. He focuses on finding and nurturing the right people to work with. All of Mr Kohli’s diverse companies stress the need to support individuals to enable them to produce their best work; innovative thinking and creativity are encouraged and rewarded.

Tej Kohli’s worldwide philanthropic efforts are directed through the Tej Kohli Foundation. The Tej Kohli Foundation is entirely self-funded, working to raise awareness of its humanitarian efforts in order to increase the availability of practical, hands-on community support. The Foundation has two key areas of focus: to provide nutritional and education support to under-privileged children in Costa Rica; and to support, fund and promote corneal transplant surgery in India to bring sight to those suffering from corneal blindness. As demonstrated in all his business ventures, Mr Kohli is constantly looking for new opportunities where direct, targeted, charitable support will positively change people’s lives.

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