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Tej Kohli Foundation – An Agent Of Change

In the short time frame of just three generations, India has exhibited unprecedented development and positive change. Government directed initiatives have worked to eradicate polio, increased the over-all literacy rate in the general population and led to progress in enrollment of girls in school; all positive and welcome changes. Today India is positioned as a global power in several significant economic sectors and proclaims itself as the world’s largest democracy.

Visually impaired helped by Mr. Kohli
Tej Kohli Foundation

However, in spite of herculean efforts, real progress is stagnated in many vital areas. Although some progress has been made in community-based nutrition programs, education and health care, the progress is meager compared to the need. A recent study of world public healthcare spending shows that India ranks 171 out of 175 countries in the amount of money spent; not a ranking to be proud of. India spends less than 5.2 percent of its GDP on healthcare. Of this number, 4.3 percent is contributed by the private sector leaving the government to spend only 0.9 percent on public healthcare.

Recent studies conducted by the India government note that 59 million children between 6-14 years are not attending school. Tragically, millions young children are force to resort to prostitution just to survive. More than 18 million homeless children live in the squalor of city streets, living as rag pickers or begging. Sex trafficking and child labor are on the increase and inequities by geography, caste and gender are rampant throughout the country.

Even though India has made giant economic strides in a relatively short period of time, it is still the poorest country in the world. Greater than 51 percent of its population or 844 million people live in oppressive poverty. While the economic development of the country is proceeding at a sound pace, the health of the population is dropping. The urgent need to provide basic healthcare to India’s most impoverished people is a concern of many different humanitarian and religious groups.

Addressing the dire economic conditions in India, billionaire businessman Tej Kohli notes, “India has made great strides in healthcare since Independence and its healthcare indicators have continuously improved. But too many people continue to suffer and die from easily preventable diseases, lack of access to affordable and quality health care, and malnutrition. Women and children from low-income households, especially in rural areas, are the most vulnerable. Systemic constraints that still need to be tackled include low effectiveness of public health spending, unregulated private provision, lack of adequate health insurance and little emphasis on communication to improve health and create demand for health services. The work of the Tej Kohli Foundation aims to overcome these issues and improve overall health outcomes.”

The Tej Kohli Foundation, a privately funded non-profit humanitarian relief organization based in Guragaon, India, is offering aid and assistance to thousands of India’s most needy children. Motivated by an acute awareness of the need and by a sincere desire to help make the world a healthier, happier place, India born billionaire Tej Kohli established the foundation in 2005.

Privately funded by Mr. Kohli, the Tej Kohli Foundation strives to alleviate the burden of poverty by providing educational opportunities, nutritional food, clean drinking water, adequate sanitation and medical services to India’s most needy citizens.

Tej Kohli, international businessman and chief donor to the Tej Kohli Foundation says, "Children determine the future. If a country nurtures these children's talents from a young age, it will be capable of raising its living standards. The Tej Kohli Foundation cannot cater to each and every child in India but we hope our work will encourage our country to unite and make life better for Indian children".

A privately funded, non-profit organization, the Tej Kohli Foundation endeavors to improve the lives of underprivileged children and other impoverished persons by providing food, shelter, clean water, sanitation, medical services and educational opportunities. Staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers, the foundation works to reduce poverty and illiteracy, launching education and health programs in both India and Costa Rica. The Tej Kohli Foundation operates on the premise that “the desire to help others is a primary human drive that, if harnessed correctly, inestimably benefits those who receive it.”

Holding a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in India, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe, Tej Kohli is an international businessman and compassionate philanthropist; a shining example of “compassion in action.”
"I'm just happy to help spread a little bit of happiness into their lives," says Tej. "And as we grow we'll help a lot more people have a chance at a lasting, brighter future."

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