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Tegan And Sara get physical in Indianapolis

On Saturday May 10th Tegan and Sara made a stop in Indianapolis, Indiana on their Lets Get Physical Tour. The tour has been in support of their latest album Heartthrob. Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie rock/indie pop duo, composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Quin and Sara Quin. This tour they have brought out 2 bands that are very close to them, The Courtneys and Lucius.

Sara Quin of Tegan And Sara
Josh Custer Photography

The Courtneys are a 3 piece Slacker Pop group from Vancouver, Canada. The girls have often been compared to the likes of The Clean, Dinosaur Jr, and Sonic Youth.

Lucius is a five piece indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York. They have tons of energy on stage and have great percussion laden tracks.

As Tegan and Sara took stage Saturday night in Indianapolis the room went absolutely nuts. These 2 have been making music and touring since 1995, and nearly 20 years later they are still filling rooms, gaining new fans and doing what they love to do. The crowd was quite diverse in age ranging anywhere from about 12 years old to 40+, which was great to see the type of draw that the girls could produce on a headlining tour. The girls opened the set with 4 tracks from their back catalog Back In Your Head, The Con, Walking With A Ghost, and Monday Monday Monday. All of the tracks were at one time their biggest hits and widely recognized by the fan base that was in attendance. As the set progressed they began to play some of the tracks of their latest release Heartthrob.

Known for their on stage banter, conversations, and storytelling they spoke about a few of the songs prior to playing them, giving a little background on the song meaning or when/how it was written. Perhaps the funniest part of the evening came when between songs Tegan looked at her sister Sara and said "Do you ever get on stage and then have to use the restroom?" to which the crowd got a kick and Sara responded "Are you saying you need to use the restroom?". Tegan replied simply "Well, yeah. Do you guys mind if I run to the rest room?" the crowd all cheered and Sara said "Just go. I'll just tell a story." And Tegan ran off stage to the restroom as Sara began to tell a story.

The night was incredibly fun and filled with songs for both new fans and older fans alike. I Couldn't Be Your Friend and Sentimental Tune struck a chord with everyone in the room. On Directing and Nineteen were cleverly put together in the set list. Closing out the set were Drove Me Wild and Closer both off of their latest release and everyone in the room was dancing and singing along with these tracks. The 3 song encore was expertly crafted featuring Call It Off and Living Room, and to finish the night was a cover that epitomizes the girls perfectly, Let My Love Open The Door by Pete Townshend.

This show is definitely something everyone needs to go see if they have the opportunity. You can find the remaining tour dates here. And you can see exclusive photos from the Indianapolis date here.

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