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Teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant

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If you're looking for a way to whiten your teeth without having to go to a dentist, Smile Brilliant is the answer.

They send teeth molding supplies where you make impressions of your teeth and ship them back in a prepaid envelope. They send the directions for you to follow and the supplies that you need to do this with. On your first shipment, they also send the whitening gel and desensitizing gel for those with with sensitive teeth.

After molding your teeth and sending back the impressions, Smile Brilliant then sends back your trays that fit perfectly over your full set of teeth for the best whitening experience possible.

The results are 100% as well as dental whitening in a dentist's office. The cost of these save you the cost of a dental appointment and a little over 50% of what you would paying a dentist to whiten your teeth. These also help your teeth to look a whole lot whiter as if you had them bleached.

Their site also has online help available to chat on their site throughout the weekdays.

What comes with your kit?

Teeth whitening trays to fit both the bottom and top teeth.

A carrying case for your trays once they've been sent back in molded form.

Impression material for you to use to where they can make the trays for your teeth.

3 things of whitening gel and 3 for sensitizing for those with sensitive teeth.

The custom trays for your teeth that slip perfectly over your teeth.

2 year tray replacement warranty.

Detailed brochure for you to understand the process.

30 day satisfaction guarantee.

100% money back guarantee available.

For those needing more than 3 tubes of whitening gel tubes, you can also get 6 or 9 to make the best and whitest teeth possible. Smile Brilliant's material has a 2 year shelf life.


This is highly recommended to those that have very busy schedules and also those that would love to save a fortune on their teeth whitening. It's really effective as well as a wonderful way to save money.



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