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Teeth Talk With Amee Janus - Candidate for Salem Town Supervisor

Amee Janus bitewing x ray from her last dental appointment.
Amee Janus bitewing x ray from her last dental appointment.
Mark T McGuire's Dental Staff

Amee Janus is running for Town of Salem Supervisor in Kenosha County. She has had meet and greets at locations that all appear to be at least 100 years old; Siebert's Pub in Salem, The Colony House and Towne Square in Trevor. Town Square in Trevor has a huge dance hall on the upper floor that is under construction and was interesting to see and also had Karaoke going on at the same time as Janus' meet and greet.

Amee Janus during her WISE campaign to get drivers to slow down for children
Amee Janus

Janus is running against two incumbents and has never run for office before. She agreed to do an interview with me about dentistry.

Q. Do you believe dental care should be covered for everyone and not just children like it is now?

A. I don’t know much about the state coverage on dental insurance, since we have dental coverage through my husband’s employer. But, if the coverage isn’t there, yes absolutely dental care should be covered.

Q. Where do you go to the dentist?

A. I currently got to Dr. Mark McGuire in Kenosha.

Q. Do you bleach your teeth?

A. No. I don't bleach because there are risks to bleaching. I rather not put chemicals in my mouth for cosmetic whitening purposes.

Q. Why did you have all of your amalgams removed and replaced with composite fillings?

A. I have had my mercury amalgams removed because studies and research have shown they cause hundreds of health issues.

Q. Why do you want to run for Salem Town Supervisor?

A. I am running for Salem Town Board because I am truly passionate about our community and where we live. I want the choices we make to be the seed we plant for future generations. I put my heart into everything I do and work hard at seeing results.

Q. Where do your kids go to the dentist and how do they like going?

A. My girls, ages 7 and 8 also go to Dr. Mark McGuire. They enjoy going to the dentist and always look forward to it.

Q. What was the name of the program where you are trying to get people to slow down?

A. WISE, Wisconsin Initiative Safety Education is what I developed that is now growing beyond Kenosha County. It’s a grassroots initiative to bring awareness to drivers in our neighborhood streets to slow down and be aware of our children who play or ride their bikes in our streets. The county doesn’t have sidewalks where these children can ride or play, so many times they are out on the roads with the cars and the dangers are even higher.

Q. Do you think there are enough dentists out in Kenosha County/Salem?

A. They are plenty of dentists all over, however there are very few holistic dentists in our area. I think we need more dentists that actually have a true caring and understanding of overall health that many of the side effects fluoride and mercury fillings have.

Q. I know someone who didn't know the difference between Indians from India and Native Americans until I explained it to her a few days ago. Does that ever happen to you?

A. Yes, I have had that brought up before. Christopher Columbus thought he was in India when he discovered America and so he called them Indians. I simply differentiate by referring to myself as East Indian or South Asian.

Q. Did you have braces?

A. No, I have never had braces.

Q. Do you have any dental stories you want to share?

A. I have no dental stories per say, but just to say that our teeth need the utmost care since they cannot grow back. You only get one set and we should take care of what we have.

The election for Town of Salem Supervisor is on April 1st, 2014. Amee Janus has a Facebook page for her campaign at:

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