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Teeny Shih Tzu surrendered at busy NYC shelter: Family has no time

A bath, a grooming and a devoted human companion who will love me is my wish for today.
A bath, a grooming and a devoted human companion who will love me is my wish for today.
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UPDATE: All three of these dogs have been rescued by the efforts of Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. All of them have grooming appointments early next week and are available for adoption. Please follow this wonderful organization on Facebook by clicking here. Your donations help to rescue so many animals in need. Please be the voices for those who cannot speak.

Once again thank you to everyone who shared this story.

Teeny little eleven-pound Coco is a six-year-old Shih Tzu whose family turned him in with his two other doggy mates because the children weren't taking care of the dogs. So instead of teaching the youngsters responsibility, the dogs were evicted and have been dumped at the Manhattan's facility of New York City Animal Care and Control.

All of the surrendered dogs were dropped off on August 29 and were eligible for adoption on September 1. In particular this little neutered, scraggly looking little guy is affectionate and sweet. A shampoo, a good grooming session at the spa and little Coco can be the adorable little prince he is obviously meant to be again.

When inquiring about Coco, please refer to A1012324. Following is information about Coco's initial medical examination:

"Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN
Medical Summary
Scanned negative QARH Mild to moderate dental tartar Allows handling Neutered Activyl applied for fleas prevention Nosf
Weight 11.0"

Sadly, Bella and Jonathan were surrendered at the same time. Below is their information:



Follow the Facebook thread for more information about Coco and his two housemates. Let's help to find these dogs new homes by sharing their stories with your friends, family and coworkers. Sharing saves lives.

Click here for information about New York City Animal Care and Control. Call 212.788.4000 for automated instructions.

More information about Urgent Pets on Death Row and you can help with adoptions and donations can be accessed by clicking here.

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