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Teens with cancer may be helped with meditation

Mindfulness meditation for good overall well being
Mindfulness meditation for good overall well being

It is a devastating experience for teens to be hit with cancer. News that meditation may help lessen the symptoms of cancer in teens is encouraging. Mindfulness based meditation helps teens with cancer, reported the University of Montreal on March 14, 2014.

According to the results of a clinical trial intervention which was led by researchers at the University of Montreal and its affiliated CHU Sainte-Justine children's hospital, mindfulness based meditation may lessen some symptoms which are associated with cancer in teens. People who practice mindfulness based meditation focus on the present moment and the connection which exists between the mind and body. These researchers analyzed variations in mood, sleep and quality of life scores for each participant in order to evaluate if mindfulness sessions had a greater impact than simply the passage of time.

The researchers observed that teens who participated in the mindfulness group had lower scores in depression after 8 sessions. The girls from the mindfulness group reported that they slept better. The results have suggested that mindfulness sessions may be helpful in improving mood and sleep in teenagers who are suffering from cancer, as previous oncology research has suggested with adults.

With the process of mindfulness meditation the person develops a much greater connection with themselves by focusing on breathing, sensations, sounds or mental images, reports Doctors Health Press. People who are experienced meditators show consistent changes in their physiology, which includes lower heart rates, improved stress scores, lower blood pressure, and enhanced feelings of well-being and quality of life. The brain waves in these people have also been found to change somewhat in manners which can be attributed to the effects of long term meditation practice. Therefore, it appears mindfulness meditation has the potential to help teens and adults not only deal better with cancer, but also to improve other dimensions of their well being.