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Teens trash mansion: Wild gathering leads to 1500 teens trashing mansion

Teens trashed a mansion at a party that got carried away with nearly 1,500 kids in attendance. CNN reports May 5 that the insane party happened in Ontario, Canada. A neighbor said teenagers were arriving at the mansion that is under construction in packs of 10 and 20. Despite the structure's large size, holding over a thousand people was near impossible.

Up to 200 cars were lined up down the road and the party started trending on Twitter. NewsOXY reports that by the time police got to the premises, the mansion had been fairly trashed.

Thomas Ruttan of Peel Regional Police told reporters that the potential for something deadly to happen. When officers arrived, several of them were assaulted and many of the partygoers were arrested for intoxication.

The teens manage to trash the mansion so bad, that the area surrounding the home outside was littered with beer cans, cell phones, and fifth. Total estimates came to $70,000 in damage done. A lot of theft took place -- up to $1 million worth, according to Huffington Post.

An investigation into the teens trashing the mansion is being conducted. Police are expecting neighbors to inform them about property damage. As of now, it's unknown what -- if any -- charges will be filed against the homeowner and her son.

When teens trash a mansion, or any home, they have little respect for the property of other people.

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