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Teens trash mansion: $70K in damage comes after 1,500 teens attend #MansionParty

An estimated 1,500 teens trashed a mansion in Ontario, Canada this past weekend. The 5,000-sq. foot mansion, which was under construction, endured a great deal of damage as the teens went wild. CNN via KMOV shared the details.

1,500 teens trash mansion in Ontario
Screencap via video

Video from the big party where the teens trashed the mansion show that the hundreds of teens were all packed into the house with not a spare inch of space. The hashtag “MansionParty” started to trend on Twitter, and eventually the police showed up to the Brampton house to break things up. They had, however, quite the task ahead of them.

After all was said and done, there was about $70,000 worth of damage from the teens trashing the mansion. There is litter everywhere and a number of windows were broken. Some officers were assaulted and quite a few teens were arrested. A number of others were held for public intoxication. Authorities are now investigating to see if some of the neighbors may have sustained property damage as well.

How did this mess begin and escalate? According to Mail Online, the homeowner's son had asked if he could have a few friends over. Things obviously blew up from there, and it is said that the homeowner allegedly was even still home when the police arrived. Luckily there were no severe injuries. Authorities indicate that the homeowner and son could be facing some charges related to the incident where the teens trashed the mansion.

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