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Teens sucked into storm drain: One missing, one dumped in lake 1.5 miles away

Iowa teen sucked into storm drain by rushing water is still missing.
Iowa teen sucked into storm drain by rushing water is still missing.
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Two Iowa teens were sucked into a storm drain when they stepped into raging water to retrieve a Frisbee they had been throwing around with a third teen. One boy was carried in the swift water underground for a mile and a half before being deposited in a lake, the other teen is still missing in the underground storm drain systems of Cedar Rapids, according to NBC News on July 1.

The family of Logan Blake is hanging on to hope that the 17-year-old athlete is alive inside the dark storm drain system. Mark Blake, Logan’s father, told NBC News that all his friends and family know that they will get him out and that he is still hanging on waiting to be rescued.

The conditions inside the storm drain are perilous with the water running at a violent pace, it is an unforgiving place to be. Family and rescuers are hoping he found an air pocket inside the pipes to keep his head above water. The teen was sucked into the storm drain at about 7:20 Monday night.

According to the search party couldn’t enter the storm drains last night because the water was running at a pace just too treacherous. They will consider entering the system today once the situation is assessed.

Blake and two friends were playing Frisbee when the flying disc landed near the storm drain and Blake chased after it. The teen’s friend David Bliss, 17, went after Blake to help get the Frisbee when they were both sucked into the storm drain by the rushing water.

Jacob Spurrell, the third teen of this trio of friends ran to get help after seeing the horrific sight of these two good-size teens pulled into the storm drain like they were frail twigs. This is how powerful the raging waters were.

Bliss was carried a mile and a half and was dumped into Cedar Lake with the rushing water. He managed to swim to shore and walk to a nearby hospital. His injuries weren’t life-threatening, authorities report.

A family friend who went to visit Bliss in the hospital said the six-foot-one teen was quiet and worried about his missing friend. Officials have not given up and their search today for Blake is still considered a rescue mission even though he has been in the storm drains since about 7:30 Monday night. Officials said they are still treating this as a rescue and not a recovery mission.

The fire department was equipped with sonar and divers are searching the body of water that the drain system leads to. Manhole covers have been pulled off along the storm drain route and cameras have been dropped down into the pipes searching for the teen. The rescue teams have covered half of the 8,000-foot-long pipe so far.

Strong storms that hit the area dropped five inches of rain earlier in the day and the water was the result of those storms. This amount of rain overwhelmed the city’s storm drain and sewer system.

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