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Teens sharing the love with veterans

What a wonderful way to volunteer!
What a wonderful way to volunteer!
Wheaton Patch/Glenbard School District 87

As was posted a couple of days ago in the Wheaton Patch, the Glenbard Students and their staff are taking some well-appreciated time to create loving Valentines for those serving in our military. In order to make as many Valentines as possible and share the love with those that dedicate their lives for our freedom, the schools are seeking donations from the general public.

How many high schoolers these days are led on a charitable journey; displaying what it is like to give back to the silent givers of this world. Not many of us have even a clue all of the things our military is involved in that makes our lives better. Without having to know, it is really nice to realize that there is a way to make their holidays special with just a simple card. This is philanthropy at its finest!

Today is the day that the high school students and staff members will gather together in the school’s cafeterias after classes convene to create Heartfelt Valentines for Veterans. The gathering is meant to involve the entire community in one of three aspects:

1. Volunteer to help with the cards

2. Donate art materials

3. Donate snacks for the kids to consume while they donate their time.

There is still time to sign up with any of the following for any of the three involvement methods listed above. Please contact:

· Glenbard East:Dawn Zatt at

· Glenbard North: Debra Cartwright at

· Glenbard South: Cindy Christensen at

· Glenbard West: Kathy Giilligan at

When you take the time to help the young people, it reinforces to them just how important our servicemen and women truly are. It displays that even small methods of appreciation can be extremely important to those away from home and family. District 87 knows this and they are willing to take the time to show their teens how to share the love.

This community charitable activity is being put on by the Glenbard District 87 ACTS (Advocating Character Through Service) Committee, every Glenbard student organization and the Village of Glendale Heights. Each and every one of the four Glenbard High Schools in addition to several elementary school districts around the area are participating.

The group leading the charge has even invited several veterans to be on hand; expressing their appreciation for the kind word and actions. The ACTS Committee appreciates any help the public may be able to give to supply the art materials and snacks which they have generously volunteered to bring.

The Valentines will then be sent to hospitalized veterans and service people in the United States and abroad, brightening a few moments of their day with love sent from Illinois children. The lucky recipients of the Valentines will not forget the great service they will be receiving from Glenbard School District 87 and the public supporting their efforts!

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