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Teens risk health eating cotton balls to get bikini bridges and thigh gaps

From the now we've heard everything file comes the latest trend in dieting, orange juice soaked cotton balls. We're not kidding, it allegedly (according the TV, magazine and Internet sources) originated from models who used the trick to fill them up so they wouldn't eat. All the exposure from this led to teenagers who are now doing likewise to maintain or get as thin as they can.

The ultimate bikini bridge
Bikini Bridge Facebook page

What's it all about Alfie? The obsession with slimness has gone way too far. And what kids fail to realize is some of those models and actresses that they see aren't even that slender or fit, in many cases the credit's goes to PhotoShop, which we're calling digital deception.

Watching daytime TV while working out at Crunch the other day, Dr. Oz and other personalities were addresses these scary slimming trends. One commentator actually wondered aloud if this was a good thing to be discussing since it would give teenagers ideas, you think? Then from that she segued into yet another teen trend of wearing a corset so tight it keeps them from eating. The whole thing, according to these ‘informed’ sources is peer pressure to be that 'it' girl who everyone envies for having, get this, 'thigh gap' and 'bikini bridges."'

If you're over 20 you probably don't know what either are. Thigh gap is when the tops of two legs don't touch. There is actually a web site with lots of photo of the best thigh gaps at Bikini bridge is when you lay down and your pelvic bones stick out and provide a dent between your two sides. Check out Tumblr. My oh my. We can't just blame models and the media for this, clothing designers are partly responsible for creating sizes 00 and O and now they are actually discussing more 0s.

If you have young daughters you really need to talk to them about this, especially the downing of cotton balls which can be very harmful to their health.

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