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Teens killed truck: Dump truck carrying concrete hits 2 teens, knocking out car

A pair of California teens killed in a truck crash were said to have died when a dump truck — carrying a load of concrete — knocked their car off the freeway. The 2 teens that died in the tragic accident were said to be on their way home with a few other friends from a fun afternoon at the beach. The LA Times confirms that several others were injured in the major accident this Thursday, June 26, and the San Bernardino County community is already mourning the loss of the much-loved young adults.

Teens killed by truck in fatal accident on freeway
Photo File, ChicagoAreaFire

On their way back to Phelan, the teens killed by a truck were driving a friend’s green PT cruiser. The police report noted that both victims died at the scene of the accident; a large dump truck carrying a heavy load of concrete struck their smaller vehicle and knocked the car clean out of the California freeway. The cruiser skidded out of control before slamming into an embankment. Three others have been verified to have been injured in the tragic incident, all passengers in the same car as the other 2 victims.

According to a highway patrol investigation, the truck crash occurred at a busy intersection outside Phelan. It appears that faulty brakes were partly to blame for the fatal impact.

“The truck exited at Highway 138, came through the stop sign and collided with a green PT Cruiser,” Capt. Kyle Hauducoeu of the San Bernardino County Fire Department said. “The dump truck somehow lost its brakes while taking a curved exit off the southbound 15 Freeway.”

The 2 teens killed in the accident were traveling home from a beach day with three other friends in the vehicle. News Oxy says that both individuals died before emergency officials could arrive on the scene to provide medical treatment. Due to the sheer weight of the dump truck carrying the concrete load, the PT cruiser was said by one witness to have been knocked over 20 feet from the freeway before hitting an adjacent embankment following the crash. The identities of the teen victims have also been made public today: 16-year-old John Cabrera of Phelan and 18-year-old Nicole Lyle, of Victorville, California.

Dozens of people came together earlier this week at Serrano High School to pay their respects to Cabrera and Lyle. The school community, as well as family and friends, were devastated at the staggering loss of the young teens taken by the freak truck crash. Students were said to be clinging to one another in support. The other three passengers in the car all suffered minor to moderate injuries, and are expected to make a full recovery. In any case, both teens will certainly be fondly remembered.

“Every time I think about them all I can see are their smiles,” said friend Robert Mineo. “Every single time I looked at Nicole or John John [John Cabrera] they just had the biggest smile on their face.” Lyle had recently graduated from the local high school. “She was a beautiful woman,” another friend offered.

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