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Teens kill over laundry

Top news coming in today to San Francisco on the day that the Mavericks surf competition is on, is about a tragic killing over laundry.

Teens kill over laundry
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"More senseless killing, it never seems to end," says San Francisco resident, Katie Adler. reports that it was on Tuesday, that a 14-year-old girl allegedly took a knife and killed her younger half-sister by stabbing her to death.

She told the 11-year-old that she was forever ungrateful for all the work that the 14-year old was doing.

And this is, sadly not the only story of such gratitude not being given. says that a 17-year-old Oakland teenager, Justice Toliver, was shot to death by her 13-year-old younger brother after he complained about how she did the laundry.

Newser says:

"Police have thus far only described the shooter as a relative. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the boy is 13; KTVU has his age at 14."

According to a family friend, Justice Toliver had accidentally bleached her brother's clothing. The two had been recently fighting a lot.

Their cousin said that Justice lived a stressful life, with "going to work, taking care of her baby and looking after (the) grandmother."

According to CBS in San Francisco, the younger teen was still missing and was being sought by police.

See the video that accompanies this article on another tragic teen death, this time on the way to school.

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