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Teens jailed in Park Ranger assault

The asianmale with the video camera is still at large.
The asianmale with the video camera is still at large.
Philadelphia Police

A 19 year old male from Pottstown is under arrest and in police custody, for allegedly beating up a Philadelphia Park Ranger on August 15. It was yesterday, August 18, 2014 that Philly cops released security footage that showed a clear image of all suspects wanted in the assault. Within hours of the release, cops had nabbed two males. 19 year old Curtis Tanner,of Grant Street in nearby Pottstown Pa. by Pottstown cops. A 17 year old juvenile was questioned by cops with his mother present and was then arrested by Philadelphia authorities.

Cops are still looking for an asian male who was with them and videotaped the entire incident. This male is not yet in custody, police said. While the juvenile is facing Aggravated Assault and conspiracy charges, Tanner is behind bars, still being processed. He could be behind bars for another 24 hours before being arraigned. His mug shot is not available yet. If convicted of all of his charges, Tanner is looking at at least a decade in prison.

As reported first, here, Tanner will have a rough time in prison, and can expect to be victimized by other, stronger and tougher inmates. If you know the asian male seen laughing with the video camera, go here to leave an anonymous tip. Should this Steven Spielberg wannabe try to erase his footage he will face an obstruction charge. Should he try to claim that the video never came out, his equipment will be seized and forensically analyzed to determine what was recorded when. Due to the fact that it was used in commission of a crime, he will not be getting it back.. He too will face time in prison.

Pressure is on for Seth Williams, the District Attorney to prosecute the juvenile as an adult. That decision may come sooner, rather than later. The Park Ranger was unarmed. A plan to arm Park Rangers with some means to defend themselves is being discussed.