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Teen Girls Asked to Send Topless Photos To Colorado Teacher

Public school teacher Randy Majors - booked on sexual exploitation charges
Public school teacher Randy Majors - booked on sexual exploitation charges
photo credit - Fruita Police Department

For some reason the more the public sees public school teachers sexually exploiting young students, the more the pervey behavior seems to be exhibited. Colorado public school teacher Randy Majors is charged with asking female teen students to send him topless photos of themselves, according to the New York Daily News.

The 58-year-old teacher who easily is old enough to be their grandfather is now charged by the Fruita Police Department with 3 counts of sexual exploitation. The teacher is also facing 5 counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a child.

To make matters worse, the New York Daily News reports that even after the police had taken his computer as evidence while conducting their investigation, this teacher allegedly continued to make sexual exploitive requests.

It appears that even after Majors was well aware that the police were observing his deviant criminal conduct he continued online activities between several teen students ranging between 15 and 17-years-old.

The high school tennis coach who had been employed at the school for twenty years had at least one 17-year-old student comply with his request, and sent him a photo of herself wearing a tank top.

The police zeroed in on the teacher after a parent complained to legal authorities about her daughter’s Facebook account. The Facebook page contained a message from the teacher, “asking her daughter to send nude pictures of herself and to not tell anyone,” according to Fox News.

Majors has been on paid administrative leave since November when the parent registered her complaints with police.


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